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Meet the Artist: Sneak Preview of Upcoming Art Show

By Amber Ford

Meet the Artist: Sneak Preview of Upcoming Art Show

As spring descends upon the mountain so does the second annual art show held at Pub 26 on Saturday, April 27th. Featuring local artists from the Mt. Hood Villages, the event will showcase a variety of artists who specialize in a variety of different and unique forms of photography.

Local artists and photographers Ben Kohmescher, Arlan George, Sean Jacks, Metcalf and Michael Foushee will all showcase their artistic talents with the help of Pub 26. “The art show at the pub is a unique experience,” Kohmescher said. “Most of us are skateboard or sports oriented photographers so you’ll get to see art which isn’t normally showcased on the mountain,” Kohmescher added. While many local restaurants, gift shops and cafes sell art that is Mt. Hood centric, the art show at Pub 26 will expand artistic horizons with sport-related photography and art.

While many of the artists have significant backgrounds in skateboard photography, other forms of photography and art will be showcased as well. George, who is the content team manager and videographer for We Are Camp (formally known as Windells) is not only known for his skateboard photos, but also his mountain bike photography. “My journey began when I came to We Are Camp (Windells) when I was 16,” George said. “Photography became my passion and I’ve been with the camp ever since,” George added.

George’s work can be seen through the lens of students at the camp with whom he works, but he also finds photographing mountain bikers in the Mt. Hood area an exciting part of his trade. “I enjoy shooting for local mountain bikers because of the elements I’m constantly in,” George said. “I get to get dirty and use nature as my backdrop while telling a story of nature and the athlete. Having your talent in the shot is important, but showing the environment in which you’re in tells the complete story,” George added.

Winter sport and landscape photography will also be showcased at the art show with the help of Jacks and Foushee. A staff photographer for Mt. Hood Meadows, Jacks specializes in capturing the art of winter sports in all their powdered glory. Having worked in Alaska and now residing in the Mt. Hood Villages, Jacks’ photography captures a variety of landscapes and action shots. Keeping to the traditional camera by trade, Jacks has also been known to use his drone for more specific and unique photography in his backyard, The Mt. Hood National Forest.

For a more unique experience with photography, Foushee will provide a more digitally enhanced artistic experience with his showcased work. Known more to his friends as an “adventure photographer,” Foushee enhances his photos digitally, giving a story to his art. Primarily a landscape photographer, Foushee’s ability to use the lens and his skills in digital arts allows enthusiasts to experience a world far beyond the camera.

While photography may be the backbone of the art show, creation and modern art will also be showcased with the help of Metcalf. Using old photographs of action skateboarding shots, Metcalf repurposes the pieces to fit onto an actual skateboard, allowing viewers to experience the entire sport in one unique piece. An artist for more than 20 years, Metcalf’s designs are unique to the art as he designs his pieces based on how the photograph and the board mesh, telling an entire story of both the athlete and the board. Using donated boards from friends, Metcalf transitions the sport to modern art: art with an entire history behind it.

The art show at Pub 26 will be held Saturday, April 27, at 7pm with a second show this year at the end of summer. Photographs and all artwork will be for sale.

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