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Girls Basketball Building a Legacy On The Mountain

By Oregon Trail School District

Girls Basketball Building a Legacy On The Mountain

When the Sandy High School Girls Varsity Basketball team finished their season last Thursday, Feb. 22, they had the chance to look back on a season that wasn’t just wins and losses, but a chance to build something more: legacy. Head Coach Matt Gist noted that while he has always tried to imprint the importance of being a family as a team, he also wanted to see a greater connection form throughout the Sandy basketball program this year. That included the varsity, junior varsity and freshmen teams in attendance to cheer on two of the Oregon Trail School District’s middle school girls’ teams, the middle school teams cheering on the varsity squad against David Douglas and get to visit the locker room during halftime, and a holiday party put on by the varsity team’s six seniors: Sydney Perry, Aubrey Perry, Payton Holman, Layla Harmon, Megan Ameele and Olivia Tippett.

“It made me happy seeing the basketball program connect with the older and younger teams as we supported each other every way we could,” said Sydney Perry, who played wing. “My little sister plays on the Welches middle school team and she loved it when me and my teammates came to her games. She wants to be just like us and it’s great to see the impact we’ve had on her and other middle school players.”

“By supporting the middle school girls at their game, I hoped the girls would see how proud we are of them and excited that they'll be playing for the Sandy team soon,” guard Aubrey Perry said. “The program will build the legacy by continuing to improve each year. Teams will look back on this season and remember how much effort we put into it and how far we’ve come.”

Gist noted that he intends to build on the momentum built this season by expanding the relationships between teams, including possibly holding joint practices with the middle school program that will be run by the high school seniors. He also wants to expand the team’s impact with the community, by possibly offering a community night, a veteran’s/first responder’s night and even a scrimmage versus firefighters.
Holman, a shooting guard/wing, sees a bright future for the girls’ program.

“The basketball program is going to build back up stronger than ever after what we have done this season,” she said. “The legacy to better each other, make each other accountable for our actions and the ability to love one another no matter what has become so strong and I am positive it will become even stronger in the future. I see them going to more middle school games, campaigning and fundraising, and collaborating with the middle schoolers.”

As the last four minutes ticked off the clock in their final game, Gist made sure to have an all-senior lineup on the court. While it marked their final moments for this season, their impact on the Sandy basketball community will continue.

“I hope for everyone to always work hard and keep improving themselves on and off of the court, along with being responsible and respectful players,” forward Olivia Tippett said. “I see the upcoming seniors and all of the basketball program building and adding onto the legacy to improve themselves and each other.”

“I hope that I inspired the younger players to keep playing basketball even when times get tough,” added Sydney Perry. “The games may not always go the way you hope, but it doesn’t matter because the memories you create and everything you learned is more important. I hope the players will always show their care for the younger girls and never stop inspiring them.”

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