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MHCC’s New Dental Hygiene Clinic Offers Free Care

By Mt. Hood Community College

MHCC’s New Dental Hygiene Clinic Offers Free Care

Mt. Hood Community College’s (MHCC) renovated dental hygiene clinic is open for business. The newly revamped space is now light and bright and has upgraded state of the art dental equipment. The renovations, driven by the need to meet accreditation standards and enhance the learning space for students, were done in conjunction with local design firm SRG Partnership. The students have already made good use of the space, completing 148 dental cleanings in the first term the new clinic was open.

The upgrade doubled the clinical space and outfitted it with modern equipment. “We gained a restorative lab and expanded our radiology learning area, providing students with enhanced learning opportunities in these areas,” dental hygiene instructor Jennifer Aubry said.

The clinic offers many free dental hygiene services including intraoral and extraoral exams, cancer screenings, periodontal assessments, x-rays, dental exams (performed by licensed dentists on staff), fluoride treatment and prescriptions, cleanings, nitrous oxide sedation (if needed), sealant application and fillings.

Embracing innovation is a pillar of MHCC’s dental hygiene program. “We’ve introduced advanced technologies like Biolase Diode Lasers and Dexis 3800 Intraoral Scanners,” instructor Amber Phillips said. “These tools not only enhance patient care but also prepare students for the evolving landscape of dental healthcare.”

At the heart of the MHCC dental hygiene program lies a commitment to serving the community. Through partnerships with local organizations, students gain hands-on experience while delivering oral health services to groups of people in need.

“These rotations include partnerships with local healthcare providers, ensuring students gain hands-on experience while serving diverse communities,” Phillips said.

From off-site rotations at public health clinics to Compassion Clinics and elementary school sealant programs, students promote oral health awareness and education.

“Our curriculum emphasizes exposure to diverse patient populations,” instructor Ilya Babiy said. “Our students are trained to provide culturally sensitive care to all.”

MHCC’s dental hygiene clinic will offer free services to community members at least through May 2024 and MHCC student hygienists are trained to treat all patients from children to seniors. Call 503-491-7176 to schedule an appointment. Please plan to spend about two and a half hours at the clinic to allow time for the students to clean your teeth depending on your needs. You may need several appointments to complete everything, depending upon your oral health.

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