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Emma Galligan to the publisher

Emma Galligan to the publisher

Dear Mountain Times,
The Hoodland Women’s Club (HWC) Community Fund is available to Hoodland neighbors to help those in our community meet immediate physiological needs. Physiological needs are biological requirements for human survival, examples include, but are not limited to, food, water, shelter, or medication. If approved and as funds allow, up to $500.00 can be provided per household annually.

Funds are available to support our community. To submit a HWC Community Fund request, complete the Community Fund Request Form on the HWC website:
Once a request is completed, a member will contact you to confirm eligibility and share more information about the process. If you have questions about eligibility or need help completing the form, email INFO@HOODLANDWOMENSCLUB.ORG.

Kindly share this information and encourage those who might benefit to complete a request or contact us for more information.

The Hoodland Women’s Club, a 501(c)(3): Women with vision - empowering each other to achieve a better community.

With admiration and appreciation,
Emma Galligan
Welches, OR
HWC Community Fund Committee Chair

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