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View from the mountain

View from the mountain

Hello, Mountain Timers,
One of my favorite times of year has always been spring, the season of renewal. The days start getting longer and the temperatures become warmer, and we come out of our collective in-home hibernation.

Spring awakens all our senses, with the smell of sweet flowers, the sight of vibrant green leaves filling the branches, the soft touch of newborn chicks, the sound of baseball practice — merely feet from our office — and the taste of homemade burgers on the grill.

This time of year, you can also sense a bit more pep in folks’ steps as they embark on outdoor activities and adventures.

As nature’s grandure unfolds in front of us, it is my hope we all take the time to take a well-deserved deep breath and truly appreciate the season’s change.

I also hope you take the opportunity to get out and patronize local businesses. In fact, I challenge all of you — myself included — to stop by that business you’ve never visited, the one you meant to check out all winter long. Whether food, merchandise, supplies or services are at the heart of the business, it feels good to support your community, almost as good as the arrival of spring.

Here’s to you, your family and any sunny adventures ahead.

Matthew Nelson
Publisher, The Mountain Times.

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