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Voter Registration to the publisher

Voter Registration to the publisher

Dear Mountain Times,
Mountain area residents who are Clackamas County voters are invited to a public, nonpartisan forum to meet the County Commissioner and Sheriff candidates. Join us!

Do the Clackamas County Commissioners consider how their decisions affect us as residents in this special place we call home? Are you facing issues preventing you from the peaceful enjoyment of your home or property? Has your small business been suffering? Is the school your children attend facing cutbacks to educational programs? Are you worried about the lack of housing to buy or rent, increasing crime and fear of the upcoming fire season? We hear you. And we want the candidates and incumbents for Clackamas County Commissioner and Sheriff, to hear you too.

The Mt. Hood Livability Coalition (MHLC), Hoodland Community Planning Organization (HCPO), and the Hoodland Women’s Club (HWC) invite you to a free, nonpartisan Candidate Forum to meet the candidates and incumbents for three seats up for election for Clackamas County Commissioner and the Sheriff for the May 21 Oregon Primary Election.

The issues we all face here on the mountain in unincorporated Clackamas County differ from those in incorporated cities and towns. We need commissioners who will learn about life up here and consider livability for our residents. Our forum is also perfect for listening to what the prospective commissioners and sheriff would advocate for our unincorporated area.

This is your moment. Ask the hard questions you have been mulling over and meet the candidates in person. Engage with your neighbors and extend the invitation. Carpool with those who don’t drive. As mountain residents, we understand the power of unity in making a statement of support for our community, regardless of our political affiliations. There is strength in numbers, and a well-attended forum conveys that voters are actively involved in their community. A message that candidates and incumbents need to comprehend to support all Clackamas County residents. Join us. We eagerly await your participation!
Date and Time Free Event, Saturday, April 6, 2024, 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Location Mt Hood Oregon Resort, 68010 E. Fairway Ave., Welches
Parking Free, follow signs
Or Voter Registration Sign-up Pick up a voter registration form or register online
Light refreshments will be hosted by MHLC, HWC, and HCPO.
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