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Mountain Profile Deborah Roberts

Mountain Profile Deborah Roberts

Place of Birth? Portland, Oregon

How long on the Mountain? 13 years

If you were not brought here as a child, what brought you to the Mountain? Falling in love with my husband
Profession? C.N.A.

Other professions? Years ago, in Boring, a bartender

Favorite movie/and or musical? “A Bronx Tale”

Favorite actress and actor? Robert De Niro

Favorite TV show? “Married at First Sight”

Favorite type of music? Rock & Roll

Favorite hobbies? Listening to music

If offered a dream vacation, where would you go, and why? New York. I have always wanted to visit
Best lesson learned as a child? Before borrowing your parents’ car, always check the fuel gauge. You never want to have to call your parents to come and help.

Defining moment in your life or your greatest accomplishment? Graduating from my C.N.A. class.
A memorable dinner? Serving my parents a beautiful dinner.

A funny moment from your life that you can share? I wasn’t paying attention, I entered the wrong car. When I thought I would be looking at my friend, instead I was looking at a man. I screamed and then he screamed, the man in the back seat was laughing hysterically.

If you could invite anyone (past or present) to dinner, who would it be, and why? My parents, because I miss them terribly.

Describe yourself in one word? Leo

When you’re not reading The Mountain Times, what book/author/magazine/other do you read? National Enquirer

If your life were made into a play or movie, what would the title be? “The Waltons”

Pet peeve? Having my eggs made over medium.

Bad habit you’d like to break? Being disorganized.

Favorite quote? “You have to endure what you can’t change.”

Favorite part of The Mountain Times? From start to finish.

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