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Hoodland FD’s Tips and Advice to Keep Safe During the Winter

Hoodland FD’s Tips and Advice to Keep Safe During the Winter

Even though the wildfire season is over and winter is imminent, the threat of fire remains — home-heating fires. And winter also brings risks when people are out, including challenging conditions on local roads and Hwy. 26. “As locals we have a front row seat to the dangers of living in a bustling tourist and ski community,” noted Hoodland Community Emergency Response Team member Sally Chester.

Tips for the Home
Purchase and/or stock up on non-perishable foods, two gallons of water per day per person, extra batteries, flashlights and an emergency radio.

Change batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide alarms and keep fire extinguishers easily accessible.
Keep children and pets, and all flammable items at least 3-feet away from heaters, pellet stoves, wood stoves and fireplaces.

Turn off/extinguish alternate heat sources, blow out candles when leaving the room or going to bed. Never leave alternate heat sources unattended.

Wrap pipes and spigots, leave cabinet doors open for heat circulation when temperature drops to 26 F, and drip taps during power outages. Never use the stove/oven as a heat source, never use a BBQ, hibachi, etc., without proper ventilation and never inside or near a heat source.

Test portable generators prior to use; add fuel only when the generator is off.
Have your furnace and chimney inspected.

Have an escape plan, and practice using it monthly.

Tips for Your Vehicle
Have a go-kit with emergency radio, blanket, coat, boots, gloves, hat, water, non-perishable food, whistle, cell phone charger, flashlight, extra batteries, blanket and tarp.

Keep kitty litter or sand and a small shovel to help with traction.

Keep fuel level at 3/4, check tire tread and carry and know how to use tire chains.
Check the antifreeze level and carry an ice scraper.

Check the heating/defrost system, battery, lights (hazard, head and tail) and wipers for proper functioning.
To prevent ice from forming on windows, mix three parts white vinegar with one part water together in a spray bottle, spray windows before a forecasted ice/snow event.

To remove formed ice from windows, mix two-parts 70 percent alcohol with one part water together in a spray bottle and spray directly to windows, door locks, etc.

Tips for Yourself
Keep a go-kit, include extra medications, clothing, important papers with policy and contact numbers, spare glasses and special dietary needs.

Consider mobility issues and special needs.

Know the difference between frostbite and hypothermia. If someone’s body temperature is below 95 F, get medical attention immediately.

Dress in layers and always protect hands, head and feet.

Remember to include your pets in all of your emergency preparedness plans.

Call 503-622-3256 Option 1 in the Hoodland Fire District before burning yard debris. Sign up for Clackamas County Public Alert Notifications.

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