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Janet Clark Ross Berroth 11/2/1946–9/22/2023


Janet Clark Ross Berroth (88) passed away peacefully in the wee hours of the morning of August 29th, 2023, with her family lovingly by her side and the sound of bagpipes ushering her on to her heavenly resting place.

Janet was born January 6th, 1935, to Julia Ross (nee Clark) (deceased, 1995) and Peter Ross, Sr. (deceased, 1971) in Glasgow Scotland. She has one elder brother, Peter Ross, Jr. (Bridget “Bridie” Ross; spouse) who currently reside in Glasgow Scotland. By a lucky twist of fate, Janet met her husband Edward Anthony Berroth, Sr (deceased, 1987) in Glasgow while he was serving in the US Army post World War II (Korean War). At the age of 18 years, Janet immigrated alone to the United States of America through Ellis Island in 1954 – an act of great courage! She first lived with Scottish relatives in New Jersey, residing briefly in Rhode Island before she and Edward moved to their home in Westford, Massachusetts. Janet and Edward went on to raise five children in Westford, fostering a lifetime of cherished memories for the whole family.

Janet was a constant fixture in the lives of her children, frequently relocating to support her children and grandchildren. Over the years her devotion took her to California, Oregon and Missouri, enabling her extended family to cultivate rich and loving connections with her over the years. After the death of her second husband Jack Goerke (deceased, 2015), Janet relocated to Rhododendron, Oregon living out her last years in the loving care of her eldest daughter -Lynne Berroth Ducharme, her son-in-law- David Ducharme and her grandson - Andrew Ducharme.

Janet loved music. She played the piano in her youth, absolutely loved classic rock and roll music and you could always find her out on the dance floor. Janet never lost her distinctive Scottish brogue and was very proud of her heritage as a Highland Scot and a dignified member of the Ross Clan. Janet wore her crest, tartan, and lived her motto “Spem Successus Alit” (Success Nourishes Hope) until her last day. She would often share her love of “the old country”, heritage, and traditions with all whom she met and inspired many to connect with their own history. As an adult, she traveled many times to Scotland, ensuring that multiple generations of her Scottish family would maintain strong bonds with those of us in the US, ensuring a beautiful and extensive family history for all of us. Janet was adventurous, kind, loving, and fashionable! She had a special knack for style – always dressed to the “nines” even in her elderly years.

She adored and lived for her children and grandchildren, exuding generosity and a willingness to give the shirt off her back to help her family. Janet will be greatly missed by her many children, their spouses/partners, her grandchildren and others whose lives she touched deeply. Edward Anthony Berroth Jr (son - deceased, 1998), Peggy Berroth (daughter-in-law), Kathleen Berroth (granddaughter), David Diehr (son-in-law), Jane Diehr (great granddaughter), Sean Berroth (grandson), Margeaux Berroth (granddaughter), Nick Pyle (son-in-law), Henrietta Pyle (great granddaughter), D. Peter Berroth (son), E Scott Phillips (son-in-law), Lynne Ducharme (daughter), David Ducharme (son-in-law), Andrew Ducharme (grandson), Scott Berroth (son), Yvonne Petito (daughter-in-law), Kayla Berroth (granddaughter), Conner Berroth (great grandson), Austin Berroth (grandson), Brady Berroth (grandson), Kristin Robertson (daughter), Brian Robertson (son-in-law), Kyle Robertson (grandson), Sabrina Cavender (daughter-in-law), and Collin Robertson (grandson).

Janet was a bold and courageous woman ahead of her time – risking all she knew to pursue love, freedom, and the American dream for which we are all grateful. A celebration of life will occur with details to be determined.

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