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Mountain Roar

By Lion, Milt Fox

Mountain Roar

I’m sorry but this month I haven’t a lot to write about. It’s not that we aren’t busy – we are always very busy. But not with very interesting stuff this month: you know budgeting, paying dues to the International and District, things like that. Here are a few that I hope are newsworthy.

Bingo reopened on January 12th and will continue to operate every Friday night through May 10th. Remember doors open at 6:00pm and Bingo starts at 7:00pm. We have had great turnouts this season. Thank you for your support.

Mt. Hood Lions website
Lion Brennan O’Dowd is our club’s webmaster, and he has been updating our club website. Check it out: it has news about upcoming fundraisers, projects, and other information about the club. Go to or

A talk with Lion Fred Thornberg:
Just prior to the holidays I called Lion Fred Thornberg to wish him a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’ve known Fred for over 50 years, and we call each other every month or so to see how things are going. Fred is 98 years young, and he has been a Mt. Hood Lion for over 53 years (our club has only ever had four 50+ year members). Fred has chaired more club dinners than anyone; he is always very patient, even with some very trying personnel. Our club has had some real characters in our membership over its nearly 73-year history. Many are gone, but Fred is still going strong with a memory as sharp as a tack. The following is one of Fred’s more famous escapades.

Our “Chuckwagon Breakfast” has always been a happy and fun event. At the old club, Lion Jim Turin ran the “Turkey Shoot.” We had single shot shotguns, a 20 gauge for kids and a 12 gauge for adults. The target was a piece of typing paper with an X drawn from corner to corner. The range was about 30 feet, and the person who had their shot pellet closest to the center of the X won a turkey. You get it, expert marksmanship isn’t really a must to win. Well, Lion Fred is a very good shot, but he couldn’t win a turkey. He had participated in several shoots but always came up second or third – and once he was last! Jim always said “better luck next time.” Fred finally said “I’m going home to get my own gun,” and Jim said okay. Fred showed up with his Remington Model 1100, 12 gauge. He fired one shot and Jim started to retrieve the target when Fred said “Hold it right there Jim,” and shot four more times. My gosh, he removed the plug and the target was blown to smithereens! Jim dove behind the barricade, then looked up with that big smile and a face full of sawdust, and said, “I thought I was back in Korea!” Then he added, “Fred I give up, you win the final turkey of the day.” Fred grinned real big and laughed… well, everyone laughed.

Note: for hunting purposes you can only legally use three shells in a shotgun, not five. When the plug is removed the gun will hold five shells, one in the chamber and four in the magazine.
More to come next month! It’s great to be a Lion!

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