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Doug and Melissa Hall Celebrate Over Four Decades of Devotion

By Adrian Knowler

Doug and Melissa Hall Celebrate Over Four Decades of Devotion

Doug Hall still remembers the day he first met his wife, Melissa. It was in August of 1982, and Melissa was tending bar at The Inn Between, the now-defunct Welches watering hole. Doug stopped in for a drink after a fishing trip and describes it as love at first sight. For Melissa, it took a little bit longer.

Doug took a couple of weeks to get up the courage to ask her out, but once he did the pair bonded quickly over their shared love of the outdoors.

One year later, they got married in Welches and drove off in a brand new red convertible in the pouring rain. In lieu of rice, the couple opted for fistfuls of symbolic birdseed, but the tin spilled in the car’s backseat and little plants sprouted all over the car well into the next year.

The married Halls also put down roots, settling in Welches and raising their daughter, Ashlee.

A few months ago, the couple celebrated 40 years of marriage, and their family has bloomed in that time.
Like many couples, they enjoy going to local bars, making meals at home, and watching cooking shows on TV. Melissa said she’s recently gotten Doug into gardening.. Melissa says part of a healthy relationship is also making time for your own interests. She enjoys curling up with a good book, and Doug likes going down to the coast to go crabbing.

Although the couple has long since settled into a domestic routine, they still carve out time to make new memories together. In addition to their regular getaways to the Oregon coast, every five years they decide to celebrate their anniversary with a new experience, including jet boating on the Rogue River and taking a dinner cruise up the Columbia River. The Halls celebrated their most recent anniversary on a cruise around Alaska, a trip they said they’ll cherish forever.

Melissa said the key to their successful marriage is respectful communication.

“Never go to bed mad at each other, never go to bed angry,” she said.

“We just really enjoy each other’s company,” Doug said with a smile, feeling lucky to have married his best friend. “We mesh really well together. We’re very blessed.”

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