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View from the mountain From the publisher’s desk

View from the mountain From the publisher’s desk

Hello, Mountain Timers,
As we begin to pick up the pieces and put our communities back together after the devastating weather we experienced in the middle of January, we have been inundated with story after story of the community rallying together to help each other get through the challenging times. In addition to the official press release from the Hoodland Fire District, we have included two stories by our local reporters documenting the human element demonstrated by the community coming together to help others in this time of great need. It warms my heart to see so many people banding together and truly defines for me the meaning of “Mountain Strong.”

We will continue our storm coverage in the next issue as we document the continuing aftermath this storm has upon our communities, and we pledge to help to deliver information as new ideas are brought forward by our county agencies and local fire district on ways the local community can be more prepared in the future.

Until then, stay strong.

Matthew Nelson
Publisher, The Mountain Times.
If you have an idea for a story, have a classified, transition or an event you would like to have published, or if you own a business and would like to advertise with us, please give us a call at 503-622-3289.

Dear Mountain Times,
Too many innocent people are dying in this genocide, as many around the world are calling it, in Gaza by Israel after Hamas killed 1,200 in their attaché on Israel in early October.
When I look at my 5-year-old grandson I am horrified that one-third out of 100,000 killed or missing in rubble since Oct 7 are children! Compare this to the long 22-month Ukraine/Russia war where 10,000 died. Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor documented only 1 out of 3 people killed were Hamas fighters in Gaza, so two-thirds are innocent civilians. Again, I think of my 5-year-old grandson after reading the Jan. 7 UNICEF report saying “every day 10 children lose one or both legs and 24,000 have lost both parents." I am horrified and ashamed my government supports this genocide!
From Human Rights Watch Dec 18, 2023 headlines: "Israel: Starvation Used as a Weapon of War in Gaza.” They say in a statement, "Evidence indicates civilians deliberately denied access to food and water." Now the leading cause of death in Gaza is starvation. A new poll from Al Jazeera (news outlet in the Middle East) says "60% of US voters want a ceasefire in Gaza while only 11% of US lawmakers support an end to Israel's war."
I am disgusted and ashamed that my President and representatives have an undying loyalty to this Zionist government and my tax dollars are spent on indiscriminately killing innocent people.
I've had enough!
If you feel the same, and writing letters like I do everyday to my Senators, Congressman and President get ignored, then please join us — every Wednesday at 4 p.m. off Hwy 26 in Sandy by the Grocery Out — to bring awareness and call for a ceasefire and a stop to the genocide!

Patty Caldwell
Sandy resident

Dear Mountain Times,
Re: PGE Power Pole Installations.
As many of you are aware, PGE has been mandated to install power poles for overhead power drops to over 550 homes in the Mt. Hood area. The intent is to remove the power drops attached to trees and attach them to the newly installed poles for support. I posted letters around the community and the Mt. Times published my letter protesting this pole installation back in June of 2021. PGE’s reasoning behind these installations was to mitigate the potential fire hazard of having the power wires anchored to trees. The poles were to be placed as much in the open, away from foliage as possible. I objected on the grounds that properties were greatly disrupted and the installation of the poles out in the open ruined the esthetics of our magnificent forested settings. I talked to four PGE personnel tasked with implementing these installations and none of them could attest to ever hearing of a fire caused by supporting power drops from trees. The cost of this project, passed on to the ratepayers, is astronomical and unnecessary. I claim this to be a dog and pony show as an effort to make the public think PGE is preventing fire danger. If any of you have had dealings with PGE, good, bad or ugly, or have filed similar complaints regarding these installations, please let me know as I pursue my objection to this very questionable project. I can forward you copies of my original complaint with more detail, if requested. Please contact me at 503-622-3639 (not text) or email

Mike Gudge

Greetings, Mountain Times,
In regards to your recent article on excessive speeding on HWY 26. Multnomah County uses speed cameras to enforce their traffic laws, and where they are installed most drivers typically slow right down through those areas.
In my opinion, if these speed cameras were installed in our area, it would undoubtedly slow down the speeders making it safer for us. They do work.
There is little doubt that the cost of installation and maintenance would be quickly offset by the revenue generated with them while keeping our community in check.
Also, install plate readers while you are at it, as there are a lot of people driving around with expired tags.
We do have quite a lot of traffic going up and down the mountain, and a lot of them tend to push the envelope a lot more than they should.
I am a commercial truck driver so I spend a lot of time on the road, so this has given me the opportunity to see the difference these cameras make.

Kind Regards,
Mike Fournier , Brightwood

Dear Mountain Times,
Just a note of appreciation for the very fine publication that you and your staff put out.
My wife and I had the occasion a couple of weeks ago to be in Government Camp, and found it very good reading.
As a former newspaper reporter myself, I particularly enjoyed the care you take in generating local stories with bylines instead of using wire filler - and all the full color graphics etc.
It shows - in an era where print is all but disappearing - that you and your fine staff are doing the upmost to preserve it.
Keep up the great work.

With regards,
Chris Durkin
FOX29 News, Philadelphia

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