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Meet the Artist: Capturing Mt. Hood Through the Lens of Chad Libis

By Amber Ford

Meet the Artist: Capturing Mt. Hood Through the Lens of Chad Libis

The lens of long-time Mt. Hood Villages resident and photographer Chad Libis’ has captured many beautiful and rare moments. Using the mountain and national forest as his muse, Libis’ photography is unique in its potential to pull viewers into the photo, making them feel as if they are standing in view the moment the image is captured.

A professional photographer for the last nine years, Libis acknowledges how living among such beauty inspires him to use his lens and share his work with the community. “Going out on hikes in the woods inspired me to capture all the natural beauty that Oregon has to offer,” Libis said.

Born and raised in the small town of Eureka, South Dakota, Libis has been on the mountain for the last 21 years. A network engineer by day, Libis uses his spare time to find beauty in his backyard. “My first camera was a basic digital camera,” Libis said. “I decided to step up my gear to a more advanced full frame camera with a lot of settings. That is when I really started to learn about different settings reading online forums,” Libis added.

Unlike traditional photos which are mostly finished on a glossy stock, Libis’ artwork is typically printed on lightweight metal frames that add a unique and realistic feeling to his work. Combining his passion for being in nature with his camera and the emotional vibe his work delivers, Libis’ photography conveys an experience with nature that is most unique and vibrant. “One of the first things I noticed when I moved to the mountain was how green the landscape was,” Libis said. “You add in the snowcapped mountain and natural waterfalls and it’s easy to be inspired,” Libis added.

Libis’ work has become a staple on the mountain and there are many local businesses who showcase his work. His natural ability to capture Mt. Hood and its surrounding landscapes adds value to not only his professional portfolio, but to the many local businesses in the area who proudly hang his photography. While Libis has also done wedding photography and some family portraits, his true photographic passions lie among the trees and landscapes of his community. Libis’ work combines his vision and his ability to digitally work with the print. “There are many photographers out there with their own interpretation of photography,” Libis said. “Some like to enhance their photos with overprocessing, some keep their photos more natural. I like to think I am somewhere in the middle,” Libis added.

To view or purchase Libis’ work visit, or stop into Coffee House 26 or Mt. Hood Oregon Resort

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