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View from the mountain: From the publisher’s desk

View from the mountain: From the publisher’s desk

Hello, Mountain Timers,
This month’s paper represents a personal milestone, our 12th edition of The Mountain Times. It was only a year ago, we acquired the newspaper and started this journey.
I continue to be amazed at how much folks in the community love this little paper. It is wonderful to see the passion for local journalism and this warm, hold-in-your-hands product, while so many other towns settle for a cold digital experience.
Looking back, I recognize how much the area has endured, such as the summertime forest fires, a warm and dry early winter, the devastating January winter storms and now the fire at Timberline Lodge. These last 12 months have certainly been challenging, to say the least. But as I look closer at these events I see a tight-knit community that pulls together, over and over, to help their neighbors get through these tough times. They say “it takes a village,” but in our case, it takes “The Villages” to make it through. If I were to sum up the spirit of the Mountain folk in one word it would be “resilient.”
The Mountain has also had many happy moments over our first year. We got to see Ellie McCloskey’s big smile as she celebrated one year with her new heart. We’ve seen multiple new businesses open on the mountain, like Mt. Hood Baking Company, Hoodland Bazaar and Naan n Curry, just to name a few.
In addition, we were able to help to reconnect a lost family heirloom and watch the Sandy High School Girls win their second-straight ski racing title. Fortunately, the list of these feel-good stories goes on and on.
Overall, I say our first year has been a great ride and, for me, publishing The Mountain Times has been beyond rewarding. I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and learn so much about this area.
I can hardly wait to see what the next twelve months will hold.

Until our next issue, stay resilient, everybody.

Matthew Nelson
Publisher, The Mountain Times.
If you have an idea for a story, have a classified, transition or an event you would like to have published, or if you own a business and would like to advertise with us, please give us a call at 503-622-3289.

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