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25th Anniversary of Sandy Cruisin’ Car Show

By Dennis McNabb

25th Anniversary of Sandy Cruisin’ Car Show

“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, just never bought the right car.”

What is this love affair that we have with our automobiles? There are those among us, admittedly, who simply view them as a means of transportation but for the rest, the vast majority, they are an expression of who we are as people. In the myriad ways we personalize them, they project an image of the person inside. Some take it a step further, and it becomes a hobby, a labor of love, even an obsession. Car enthusiasts the world over consider it a way of life punctuated by those rare opportunities to show off what they’ve accomplished. And right here in Sandy, for 25 years now, we have been home to one of the biggest, baddest, and most beloved car shows in the greater Portland Metropolitan area, The Sandy Cruisin’ Car Show.

The Sandy Car Show began in 1997 as part of the annual Sandy Oktoberfest celebration, which in those days was quite the attraction. Donna and Dick Larrowe were the first hosts, and initially focused on German makes and models. As the show grew in popularity, drawing ever larger crowds and participants, they opened it up to all makes and models including motorcycles. Trophies were given, raffles were drawn, and commemorative T-shirts were sold. It was a huge success and an undeniably good time. Unfortunately, over the years, the Oktoberfest celebration lost its organizers and faded into obscurity. The car show was set adrift without its anchor, but thanks to the tenacity and enthusiasm of its hosts and spectators, it found new legs, and has since become bigger and better than ever!

Sadly, Dick passed on, but Donna is still with us and working the show to this day alongside “new” hosts, Anne (pronounced Annie) and Rick Chambers. I had the pleasure of interviewing Anne, and she was not only lovely to talk to, but clearly very conscientious and passionate about the show. This is not some smalltown event with only 40 or 50 cars. They have to actually cap it at a whopping 200 quality entrants! And it’s free to spectators! The pre-registration cut-off has passed, but same day registration is $20 for the first class entered. Any additional classes entered for the same vehicle are an additional $10. Every entrant is provided with a ballot and is encouraged to vote, and with over 20 trophies awarded, chances are likely you could win!

If not, there are lots of other opportunities to take home something fun. Raffles are held all day, with an additional silent auction, and also a 50/50 Cash Raffle, not to mention dash plaques are provided for every entrant who VOTES. And if that doesn’t grab your attention, there will be enough music and delicious food to put all the county fairs to shame! Courtesy

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