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Fire On The Mountain Film Festival

Fire On The Mountain Film Festival

Timberline and the Mt. Hood Corridor Wildfire Partnership are hosting a film festival featuring three wildfire movies plus a panel discussion with local experts, and info & resources for living with wildfire.
Sunday, October 15, 2023 / 11am - 5:30pm / Ullman Hall / $10 entry free / Reserve you seat at

Attendees will learn about our current wildfire challenge: what factors have influenced changes to wildfire patterns, behavior, and outcomes in NW Oregon.

How coalitions of agencies and organizations are coming together around Mount Hood to support landscape and community resilience to wildfire.

How they can be part of the solution by preparing their families, homes, and properties for wildfires, power shut-offs, and evacuations.

The wildfire films
 11:30am - 54 min Raises awareness about the conditions of forests in the western U.S., examining the history of forest management and litigation that has led to catastrophic fire nearly year-round. The film explores the potential to generate positive change in our forests, watersheds, and communities, both rural and urban.

1:45pm - 28 min Tells the story of  wind-fanned flames racing through Colorado neighborhoods in and at the edge of dying forests, killing people and breaking records for destruction. With more people moving into 'red-zone' areas, how do we prevent these high consequence fires from continuing to burn homes?

3:00pm - 52 min Explores a pattern of growing fire risk due to decades of aggressive fire suppression, increasing development in fire-prone areas, and a longer, drier wildfire season due to climate change. Even so, these wildfires can be fires of choice or of chance. Can we ready ourselves to truly manage fire, or will we continue the status quo and scramble in disbelief?

Stay the night at Timberline on Oct. 15th - with a special discounted rate of $200 + tax. Book online at

For more info, visit

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