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Haute Sauce Sizzleson “Hot Ones” Show

By Ty Walker

Haute Sauce Sizzleson “Hot Ones” Show

Sarah Marshall and her Marshall’s Haute Sauce has landed a role on one of the ‘hottest’ shows on YouTube. Joining an ensemble cast of spicy condiments for Season 22 of “Hot Ones” is her original Whiskey Smoked Ghost Hot Sauce.

The insouciant sauce stars as No. 6 in the lineup that gets increasingly spicier, as it goes from 1 to 10 and celebrities taste the heat. Marshall said her whiskey-smoked sauce is on the spicier side but not painfully hot. “Hot Ones” show host Sean Evans has good things to say about Marshall’s production.
“It’s the brainchild of Sarah Marshall, who showcases her dedication to craft ingredients,” Evans said. “It’s a sweet and smokey sauce featuring whiskey, white balsamic, date syrup and yeah, ghost pepper to really kick up the heat.”

Marshall learned to cook as part of the original staff at The Rendezvous Grill in Welches, where she grew up. She said the Mount Hood-area restaurant gave her the inspiration to get into the cooking business.
“That’s where I learned about sauces,” Marshall said. “That’s where I learned about food. We would do tastings, pay attention to taste and flavor and sauces. It was the start of it all for me.”

Marshall makes her sauces in a commercial-sized kitchen on the first floor of the Portland house she shares with her husband, Dirk Marshall, who helps her do the cooking. The couple also owns a timeshare in Welches.

She is passionate about having a woman-owned business, which she has run for about 13 years, and is also supportive of other women entrepreneurs. She hosts The Meaningful Marketplace Podcast in which she tells stories about other women-owned businesses.

“Hot Ones” Season 22 streams 8 a.m. Thursdays on YouTube, with episodes available thereafter on the First We Feast channel. Evans interviews celebrity guests as they eat chicken wings doused in hot sauce.
NSYNC were the featured guests for the season opener Sept. 21. The popular boy band from the late ’90s and early 2000s came on to promote their upcoming tour.

“I think it’s every hot sauce maker’s dream to get on the show,” Marshall said. “It’s very cool. It’s so exciting to have something that I created be recognized and be on the show. I’m really excited to watch it along with people.”

Hot sauces for the show are chosen by hot sauce enthusiast The Heatonist. Marshall’s Haute Sauce has been shipping sauces to their Brooklyn, New York-based shop since 2012, trying to get on “Hot Ones.”
For more info or to buy Haute Sauce products, visit Follow them on Instagram @marshallshautesauce.

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