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MHCC Art Show Showcases Inspiring Artists


MHCC Art Show Showcases Inspiring Artists

As the warm and heavy summer air makes way for the crisp breeze of fall and the leaves change from green to gold and amber, Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) is preparing for another amazing fall art show season. The upcoming season will include a showcase of faculty and staff work as well as beautiful displays of nature, translated into expressive artwork by artist Marc Boone.

We were able to sit down and talk with MHCC Visual Arts Gallery Coordinator Jennifer Gillia Cutshall about the upcoming displays. Read more below to learn about these upcoming shows and the wider impact of these artists on our community.

Q: What inspired the selection of these art shows and what themes or concepts will they explore?
A: The MHCC visual arts gallery is always changing and has 2,000 square feet of display space. Local, regional, national and international artists were invited to apply. Members of the art faculty reviewed the proposals and chose artists who best aligned with the gallery’s mission, which is to bring a diverse cultural experience to the campus and surrounding area. We aim to give people the chance to see inspiring artwork from both known and emerging artists.

Q: Can you highlight any notable artists or works that will be featured in these shows?
A: We are excited about the faculty show that will start the season; this runs Oct. 2 – Oct. 24. It will highlight the talents of our own art department including John Hasegawa, Matteo Neivert, Nathan Orosco, Edie Overturf, and more. In November, we will showcase the expressive work of Northwest artist Marc Boone. His abstract paintings reflect the beauty of nature and will inspire emerging artists. Also, the MHCC ceramics club hosts a holiday art sale, which is a great place to find unique art gifts.

Q: What are your hopes for the impact of these art shows on the local art scene and the college community as a whole?
A: These art shows have the power to transform and inspire. The potential is limitless! My hope is that you will join us this coming season because if the walls could talk, they would whisper, “You are invited!”

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