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Sandy Church Offers Free Dental Work

By Ty Walker

Sandy Church Offers Free Dental Work

Mark your calendars for Sunday, Oct. 8, and get in line early for the annual free dental clinic at Sandy Seventh-day Adventist Church. Starting at 7 a.m., it’s first-come, first-served. No insurance is necessary.
Last year, about 135 patients received free dental services from professional dentists around the region, including three from Sandy, said clinic organizer Tami Beaty, who started the event with husband Jon Beaty in 2018.

Sandy Adventist Church, located at 18575 SE Langensand Road, will transform its 3,000-square-foot fellowship hall into a mobile dental clinic for the day. The clinic is offering free dental exams and X-rays, cleanings, fillings, extractions, and, by appointment only, flippers. Flippers are partial dentures with three teeth.

Last year, Tami saw a patient undergo a flipper procedure first-hand from beginning to end, thanks to one of the dental labs on site. The patient was all smiles, brimming with self-confidence after getting the treatment.

“It just transformed their life,” Tami said. “They could be proud of their smile. They don’t have to feel like they are different.”

Tami and Jon got the idea for a free dental clinic when they volunteered at a large clinic in another state. They saw such a huge demand for dental services at that mega clinic and thought why not bring that kind of service to their local community?

“It was our vision,” Tami said. “We wanted to do more for our community. They are not alone in the community when they have needs. We show them the love of Jesus. We are here for them. Our church has really tried to do that.”

There’s such a high demand for dental care locally, Tami said, that last year the clinic had to turn away patients because they ran out of time. This year, they’re preparing for another large turnout.
The husband and wife team share a passion for helping people in need. Jon has a degree in social work and leads depression and anxiety ministries in the church. Tami has a background working in medical offices.
The Sandy Adventist Church offers several ministries, including a monthly clothing exchange, which happens to fall on Oct. 8 this month, the same day as the free dental clinic.

Other popular services include vision, diabetes and mammography clinics. The next mammography clinic is Nov. 9. It’s by appointment only, by calling Tami at 503-698-4622.
A plant-based cooking class is set for Nov. 16 at the church.

For more information about the dental clinic, look online at

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