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Show Off Your Old Photos at Mt. Hood Oregon Resort

By Ty Walker

Show Off Your Old Photos at Mt. Hood Oregon Resort

Calling all locals! Calling all locals!
The Mt. Hood Oregon Resort wants your old photos. You’re invited to bring in any items of historical interest you want to display during a special weekend sometime in October 2024. An exact date will be set later.
Resort executives have recently discovered some treasures while going through the resort’s storage space. They found boxes of old historical documents about the resort about the founding of Welches as a town, and old photos of the golf course and of the old cabins on Welches Road.
Uncovering these pieces of history gave Resort General Manager Christopher Skipper and Sales Manager Lori Cabantoy the idea of hosting a community event to showcase some of these articles. They want to share them with the mountain community.
While they have a significant number of items to display, they thought there must be a great many historical items out there in the community, tucked away in people’s attics and closets. Those who have lived here for generations may have forgotten about some of the things they have stored away over the years.
Skipper is inviting residents of the mountain community to bring in anything they want to display. Old photographs, documents and other historical items are welcome at the special History Weekend at the Mt. Hood Oregon Resort set for next fall.
“We have a lot of history here at the resort as far as old photos and documentation we’d like to display,” Skipper said. “But it’s not enough to warrant a community event. We’d like to invite
the community to bring their own historical items and photos to be included in this special exhibition.”
For example, if you have a piece of an old wagon wheel from the Oregon Trail lying around the cabin collecting dust, brush it off and bring it to the resort to show and tell, Cabantoy said.
“There’s so much history up here,” Cabantoy said. “We know there’s more sitting out there in the community. We want to be able to highlight the history of this place. We thought this would be the best way to do it, to allow everybody to show off their gems, whether they be newspaper articles, clippings, brochures or pictures of events.”
Skipper said he plans to talk to local museums about donating items for the weekend as well.
“We have boxes and boxes and boxes of items,” he said. “We are collaborating with the Sandy Museum to get them preserved for the future.”
For more information about History Weekend, call the Mt. Hood Oregon Resort at 503-622-2207.

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