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Slash Piles Near Scotch Broom Raise Fire Concern

By Ty Walker

Slash Piles Near Scotch Broom  Raise Fire Concern

Local residents have raised concern about the potential fire hazard posed by dead tree debris piled up at different sites around the area. Mary Letts Botcheos said some large slash piles surrounded by mature Scotch broom and large trees are giving her concern.

Scotch broom is a highly combustible weed that dramatically increases the hazard and intensity of fires.
In an email to The Mountain Times, Botcheos asked if the local fire district has the authority to demand that the piles of tree debris be removed.

Hoodland Fire Chief Jim Price said, “No. Slash piles are the responsibility of the property owner and the fire district does not have the authority to force them to mitigate them. We can only recommend and make them aware of the potential liability of not mitigating them.”

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