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Letters to the publisher

Letters to the publisher

Dear Mountain Times,
Ant Farm came to the rescue once again! Logan Hancock, Fuels Reduction Manager, arranged to have two cords of dry, split wood delivered to the community resource center at the Lion’s Club in Welches, post-storm and -power outage. Some folks went through the rest of their winter supply of wood when the power went out, temperatures dropped to single digits and the wind screamed for days.

The other resource Ant Farm offered the community in our time of need was help for mountain folks to take care of downed branches and trees on their property. There were more restrictions than a tree service, but it was free and fast! Ant Farm crews responded quickly to folks in need who saw the flyer posted on our local FB bulletin board. They are still at it!

Before there was time to panic about our winter war zone reality, Ant Farm swooped in with solutions. They are one of the most responsive organizations I have ever worked with and I appreciate their community-at-heart basis of operation.

As long as I am writing a fan letter, I also want to thank Ant Farm for attending Timberline Rim’s FireWise meeting in February. Ant Farm partnered with the Tim Rim HOA last year in the Fuels Reduction program. They helped our homeowners and the HOA greenspaces become more fire resilient. Now we are ready to take that to the next step; making our community, as a whole, more fire resilient through our work with the FireWise program and Hoodland Fire.

I look forward to working with Ant Farm well into the future. I don’t know what we’d do without this resource.
Melinda McCrossen
Timberline Rim HOA representative in the Mt. Hood Corridor Wildfire Partnership
Patty Caldwell
Sandy resident

Dear Mountain Times,
After more than 10 years, Dragonfly owner Rori Klingbeil has decided to retire her “wings.”

Rori has been at the location in Mt. Hood RV Village longer than any prior owners, and it was a challenge to make the restaurant noticeable to travelers and to attract locals, but her ability to present tasty, made-from-scratch food and baked goods paid off. Over the years, Dragonfly has contributed to many fundraisers and community events and Rori is grateful for the opportunity to serve the community.

“I am thankful for the support of the mountain folks and am looking forward to continued contact with so many. Just keep an eye out for a food cart offering delicious crepes, good-for-you salads and made-from-scratch favorites.” Best of luck, Rori, and we’ll look forward to your next chapter.

from Rori and The Dragonfly

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