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Meet the Artist: Jane Rath

By Amber Ford

Meet the Artist: Jane Rath

Longtime Mt. Hood Villages resident and artist Jane Rath is creating watercolor masterpieces that have been showcased at a number of different restaurants and coffee shops throughout the area. Her passion for watercolors and canvas began fifteen years ago while attending a class at the lodge in her neighborhood.
“A friend from church was teaching it [watercolors] and I immediately felt drawn to it,” Rath said. “The next year I practiced painting flowers from a book I found, “Watercolor Flowers A to Z.” That kept me going until I started taking art classes,” Rath added.
Although Rath never studied art in school, she has since taken classes that have helped her understand concepts when it comes to watercolors and affiliated technique.
“I studied under a wonderful teacher in Boring, Beth Verheyden,” Rath said. “I took lessons with her for about ten years before she retired a few years ago and I am so grateful to her for opening up the world of watercolor to me,” Rath added.
While watercolors may be Rath’s passion and profession, she has also tried other forms of arts and crafts throughout the years. Scrapbooking, sewing, tole painting and calligraphy are just a few of the art forms Rath has experimented with over the years.
“I used to do calligraphy, and still enjoy that from time to time,” Rath said. “I have scrapbooked for many years and that has inspired me in my card making, which I love to do,” Rath added.
Crediting her previous art teacher for igniting her passion, Rath also acknowledges the work of Susan Bourdet when it comes to keeping her creativity alive.
“Besides my very talented art teacher, I have also been inspired by the bird and flower paintings of Susan Bourdet. She does a wonderful job of capturing well-loved birds in beautiful settings,” Rath said.
Most of Rath’s work is also heavily inspired by living on the mountain and the abundant beauty that has surrounded her for years. Using Mt. Hood as the focal point for several of her pieces, Rath is constantly in awe while creating her watercolor magic.
“I love to paint Mount Hood and will continue to do so for years to come,” Rath said. “I never get tired of seeing its [Mt. Hood] beauty through all the seasons. The birds that inhabit my backyard are also some of my favorite subjects, as well as various flowers and plants that grow in our area,” Rath added.
For art collectors interested in purchasing Rath’s pieces they are currently for sale at Coffee House 26 or email Rath at

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