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Mountain Profile Toshiko Wilson Werner

Mountain Profile Toshiko Wilson Werner

Place of Birth? Yonago, Japan
How long on the Mountain? 44 years
If you were not brought here as a child, what brought you to the Mountain?
My husband and I moved here for the skiing on Mt. Hood.
Profession? International Marketing Consultant
Other professions? Airline Stewardess for Japan Airlines
Favorite movie/and or musical? San Francisco Nutcracker
Favorite TV show? Monk
Favorite book? All Japanese novels
Favorite type of music? All
Favorite hobbies? Reading and Horticulture
If offered a dream vacation, where would you go, and why? Tibet, to visit the temples.
Best lesson learned as a child? My parents taught me to be honest.
Defining moment in your life or your greatest accomplishment? Published four books on travel, business and my life.
A memorable dinner? Every night, with my husband, Eric.
A funny moment from your life that you can share? My husband tricked me by putting store bought eggplants in my garden when I returned from two weeks in Japan.
If you could invite anyone (past or present) to dinner, who would it be, and why? My parents, because I miss them so much.
Describe yourself in one word? Content.
When you’re not reading The Mountain Times, what book/author/magazine/other do you read? The magazine “Country Living”
If your life were made into a play or movie, what would the title be? “My Little Memorandum”
Pet peeve? Always doing laundry.
Bad habit you’d like to break? Being disorganized.
Famous person(s) you have met, and the circumstances: I met Margaret Thatcher in the VIP room at PDX
Favorite quote? Be ambitious.
Favorite part of The Mountain Times? Finding estate sales and community garage sales.

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