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Museum Chatter: Introduction to Mt. Hood Cultural Center & Museum

By Lloyd Musser

Museum Chatter: Introduction to Mt. Hood Cultural Center & Museum

Marty Fulop and Caroline McCorkle recently joined the Museum Board of Directors. Nancy Spencer was named Emeritus Director in recognition of her many years of service to the Museum. Nancy has served on the Board of Directors since the Museum was formed in 1998. The other members of the Board of Directors are: Sandi Shaub, President; Steve Coxen, Treasurer; Lloyd Musser, Lesli Bekins, Yon Sheldon, Meredith Frigaard, Sally Niedermeyer and Sharon Lamoreaux. The Museum has two employees, Cheryl Maki, Site Manager, and Pam Davis. These people plus dozens of volunteers keep the Museum and related events functioning successfully. We thank them all for their service.

Our formal name, Mt. Hood Cultural Center & Museum conveys our dual function. The museum refers to the historical museum which focuses on Mount Hood history. The Museum features six exhibit galleries, each with a special theme. These galleries include: 1. The Forest Gallery, featuring history of the Mt. Hood National Forest; 2. The Clubhouse Gallery, displaying the history of the various outdoor recreation clubs that call Mount Hood home; 3. The Mountain Artists gallery, displaying our collection of fine arts by past and present artists; 4. The Trailblazer Gallery, referring not to the Portland basketball team but rather immigrants and early settlers who created the communities around Mount Hood; 5. Mount Hood Biography, featuring the natural history of the local area; 6. Going Downhill Fast, a gallery dedicated to snow skiing and other snow sports popular on Mount Hood.

The Cultural Center part of our name refers to the functions held in our building that relate to community social functions. As the only public building in the community, all public meetings are held at the Museum building. Space is also available for social events such as birthday parties, wedding receptions, club meetings and parties.

The Museum is also a Visitor Information Services site for Mt. Hood Territory, Clackamas County Tourism Department. Brochures, guides and maps are available for local and statewide visitor attractions. Passes and permits needed for local recreation sites are sold on site.

The Museum Gift Shop is an attraction by itself. The shop may be small but it is stocked with a curated collection of art, jewelry, history books, Mount Hood branded clothing and quality souvenirs. Need a special gift? Check out the Mt. Hood Cultural Center & Museum Gift Shop.

We hope this short introduction will inspire you to visit the Museum. Anytime is a good time, but October and November are great months to visit the Museum. The summer crowds are gone, the roads are still snow free and the Museum is dry on a rainy fall day. Entry to the Museum is free but donations are accepted. The Museum is open Wednesday- Sunday during the months of October and November. Come visit soon.

Lloyd Musser is the volunteer curator at the Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum. The Museum is located at 88900 E. US 26, Government Camp, Oregon. Open daily 9-5. Visit or call 503-272-3301.

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