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Additional Day of Food, Water, Resource Center

Hoodland CPO

Additional Day of Food, Water, Resource Center

Help is available:

Neighbor Hood Missions - Monday January 29 at the Lutheran Church. Free food boxes 9-10 AM. - Hotline for immediate needs: 503-622-9213.

Food Distribution, Resource Center and Potable Water will be available at Mt. Hood Lions Club Oregon Department of Human Services, in conjunction with Clackamas County Office of Disaster Management will be providing a Resource Center at the Mt. Hood Lions Club starting Friday, January 19th at 10:00AM. Potable water, Food distribution, and other resources will be available for those without power and or water.

Clackamas County has been working closely with Hoodland Fire, Government Camp CPO, Rhododendron Water Association and Timberline Rim HOA to ensure those in our area that need assistance are provided with information on obtaining any help needed.

The Resource Center is expected to remain open from Friday 1/19/24 until Monday 1/22/24 with hours being 10AM-4PM. The County will assess this weekend if there is need to keep the resource center open longer, if the demand necessitates.

For those who may need water immediately, water is available for purchase at Thriftway, Mt. Hood Food and General in Rhododendron, Dollar General, and the Brightwood Store.

Clackamas County Provided this Information

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