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Meet the Artist: Darcy Bacha

By Amber Ford

Meet the Artist: Darcy Bacha

Long time local resident and renowned commercial photographer Darcy Bacha certainly has found his artistic calling as an outdoor photographer. Bacha’s passion for photography began at an early age when his mother gifted him a camera for Christmas: since then he has been head over heels for all things photography.

Crediting his love for snowboarding and skateboarding, Bacha began to use his creative scope to capture images of what he and his friends loved doing most. “I was a skateboarder and snowboarder when I was young and when I had my first camera it only made sense to start shooting photos of the guys I was hanging out with. Some of them were really good and it helped a lot with progressing my photography,” Bacha said.

Graduating from Mt. Hood Community College in 2009 from their professional photography program, Bacha has spent years honing his photography skills, working with major outdoor outfitters such as Simms, and, most recently, his commercial photography job with Coast Portland, one of the major flashlight, headlamp and knife companies in the world. “I started to diversify my photography into other passions of mine, including fly fishing, and now, just a couple years later, I’ve landed the position at Simms Fishing as their primary photographer,” Bacha said.

While his current profession keeps him in touch with the outdoors and outdoor equipment, Bacha’s early years as a professional photographer gave him the opportunity to travel the world shooting for Rome Snowboards and Transworld. Bacha’s most memorable experience in the industry was his trip to Kazakstan. “It was a crazy experience to see that part of the world,” Bacha said. “The culture there is so different than ours that it’s hard to explain,” Bacha said. “We had to bribe the police multiple times throughout the trip to get away with snowboarding in certain spots, or to just drive down a particular street,” Bacha added.

Although his passion for photography began through his athletic hobbies, Bacha also uses other photographers and their work as inspiration on how to look through his own lens. “I really love the stuff that Blake Jorgenson creates,” Bacha said. “Like myself, he used to be a professional snow athlete photographer and diversified into more of the commercial photography/studio realm,” Bacha added. While Bacha focuses his creativity and professionalism through the lens of his camera, he also has other genres of art he has tried and enjoys. “I always loved to draw and do design; it’s something that I’ve kinda lost touch with but every once in a while it’s nice to pick up some markers or paints and just let my imagination take control,” Bacha said.

Bacha’s passion for photography has taken him all around the globe for different photo shoots with large companies, but coming back to his home in the Mt. Hood Villages is a blessing and inspiration when it comes to where he feels comfortable and creative. “I never grow sick of the scenery up here. The coming of each season is constantly inspiring me to shoot,” Bacha said. When asked how the power of photography has shaped his life, Bacha did not hesitate. “I’m just so grateful for photography, because I honestly don’t really know what I would have done without it,” Bacha said. “It keeps me constantly creating and keeps a roof over my head. Photography has given me the freedom to live the life I dreamed of,” Bacha added.
For information on how to purchase photography from Bacha please visit or send an email to

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