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Sandy High School Ski Racing

Sandy High School Ski Racing

The Sandy High School ski team may have missed their first two races due to a late snow on the mountain, but on January 20th, they took to Mt. Hood Meadows and didn't come down empty handed. The following are the placings of the last two races. Congratulations to everyone from all of us here on the mountain!

Mt Hood Meadows Giant Slalom Race

Boys (58 total racers):
Ethan Van Hee: 11th
Dylan Brown: 21st
Beck Schreiner: 23rd
Mario Heckel: 28th
Hayden Ferschweiler: 40th
Max Kocubinski: 47th

Girls (67 total racers):
Elle Schreiner: 4th
Nia Hamalainen: 7th
Anika Wipper: 12th
Wallace Hamalainen: 13th
Anna Nguyen: 19th
Brynn Fleming-Harris: 25th
Sophia Brown: 36th
Brighton Wilson: 38th
Chella Houston: 48th
Addy Kolibaba: 50th
Keegan Deters: 52nd
Montana Tarbell: 55th
Athea Wehrung: 57th

1/28 Skibowl Slalom Race

Boys (62 total racers):
Ansel Ofstie: 9th
Ethan Van Hee: 12th
Beck Schreiner: 17th
Mario Heckel: 18th

Girls (60 total racers):
Elle Schreiner: 3rd
Anika Wipper: 6th
Sophia Brown: 14th
Anna Nguyen: 20th
Brighton Wilson: 23rd
Chella Houston: 24th
Addy Kolibaba: 29th
Holly Setser: 30th

Their next races are February 4th at Mt. Hood Meadows, February 11th at Skibowl, and February 23rd at Slalom Cooper Spur. March 7th and 8th is state Championship at Mt. Bachelor.

Good luck Sandy High School!

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