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The Whole Tooth: A Celebrity’s $600,000 Tooth

By Dr. Robert Kelly, D.M.D.

The Whole Tooth: A Celebrity’s $600,000 Tooth

Well, we have all been through a lot in January with the crazy winter weather, the power outages, the frozen pipes – all of it has been too much! So this month’s article will be quite light-hearted.
Did you know that someone is walking around out there with a $600,000 tooth? It’s true. And yes, he is a celebrity musician. It was reported last year in numerous news articles that the singer/rapper Post Malone has a tooth with 2 diamonds embedded in it. Some might be critical of this decision but I guess you can’t argue that he is indeed unique.
But the story doesn’t end there! While either on vacation or touring in Rome, Italy, the rapper decided to hit up a McDonalds for some good ole’ Chicken McNuggets. Unfortunately, after biting into one infamous Chicken McNugget one of the diamonds fell out and into a sewer drain, to which he exclaimed “#@%#@$! I’m going to have to go into the ancient Roman sewers.”
But the story does not end there. Amazingly, he crafted a pair of rudimentary pliers with the plastic piece inside a take out pizza box. Somehow, he was able to use this device as a scooper to get the diamond out of the drain.
He then found a dentist in Rome who was able to attach the diamond back into his tooth. As a celebration of this event, his 2022 album was named “Twelve-Carat Toothache.” Sounds pretty appropriate.

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