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What’s Your Favorite Color?

What’s Your Favorite Color?

Xavier Moreno, 8th Grade
I would have to say my color would be a sage/woodsey green. When I think of sage green, I think of home, lovely hikes and fun activities such as an incredible soccer field or the color of my skateboard.

Sammy Mullin, 8th Grade
Lavender. I love lavender oil because my mom has lots of essential oils. The lavender smells
like wildflowers and it helps calm me down. The color lavender is really pretty!

Zaylee Hazelbaker, 7th Grade
Yellow because it is so nice and happy! It shows that you're happy and bright. Besides, it is such a pretty color. It is the color of bees, sunflowers, the sun, bananas and banana slugs. Which are all great! I also like it for its expressiveness. It is the best color!

Gracie Zavala, 7th Grade
My favorite color is pink because it is super cute! I love pink, it can be calm or harsh, depending on the lighting. I also love pink cause it makes you look more feminine. I like it just because it looks good on basically anything! I also feel like if pink was a smell it would smell warm and cozy. In general, pink is homey, lovable and warm. Pink also makes hearts much more loving and cute!

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