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Well-Adjusted: Adjusting to the Golden Years

By Dr. Melanie Brown

Well-Adjusted: Adjusting to the Golden Years

As a local, I have enjoyed integrating into the community over the last four-plus years. I have met many extraordinary people at the clinic and school through sports, churches, restaurants and more. We have a diverse community of all ages and walks of life, multigenerational and new residents.

Many of our population have chosen this community as a place to retire, and I can see why. Our beautiful golf courses, fabulous restaurants, long-standing community service organizations, the natural beauty of our rivers, trails, and mountains, premium health and dental care make it a mountain version of the Rockwellian experience. Shhh, don’t tell too many people, but we know we made the right decision for everyone who lives here!

For our older population, some hesitate to seek chiropractic care. But the truth is, as we age, supportive care is essential to maintain optimum function in the body. The benefits of adding treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathic care and massage therapy can be profound. Standard medical care is critical, including yearly checkups with primary care and more frequent visits for those with geriatric syndromes or more than five medications. Eye and hearing health appointments and dental visits are vital, as are checkups to care for the joints and muscles to support pain-free movement, longevity and function.
Chiropractors treat patients from infancy to old age. They adjust their techniques (no pun intended) to fit the patient. In the case of the elderly population, some do well with traditional chiropractic adjustments, also known as diversified manipulation, and some do better with more gentle methods such as blocking, mobilizing joints, instrument-assisted adjustments, drop table adjustments, passive stretching, targeted massage and therapies, exercise prescription and other methods.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to help our elderly clients maintain balance, strength, mobility and an active mountain lifestyle through chiropractic care. My first geriatric patient in 2006 was brought in by her husband because she could not drive. She suffered from neck pain and lack of mobility in her entire spine, especially her neck. After one visit, we noticed improvement, and after three visits I went out into the lobby, she turned her head to greet me and stood up quickly from her chair with no assistance from her husband. They BOTH appeared at least ten years younger. It was indeed a transformation in their lives.
As you prioritize your health, I hope to see all of our treasured grandmas, grandpas and older folks in the Mountain Life Clinic for some care. Whether it’s been a while or you have never experienced working with a chiropractor, we will find the appropriate treatments to fit your health needs so you can feel and function your very best!

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